Tuesday, October 15, 2013

2-Over-1: The Forcing 1NT… Part Two

How To Use 1 NT Forcing

Use it only after a major opening bid. 1 NT is not forcing after a minor opening:

1.                                                     2.
North         South                           North            South
1             1 NT                             1                1 NT
 *                                                  *
*North must make                          *North may pass with a
  another bid.                                   balanced minimum hand.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

2-Over-1: The Forcing 1 NT…Part One

While you weren’t looking, Standard American became a dinosaur. 4-card major openings were replaced with 
5-cards; 1 NT can now be opened holding a 5-card major and a worthless doubleton; weak 2’s replaced strong 2’s, and on and on. But the loudest crash is the fall of the non-forcing 1 NT response to a major and its kissing cousin, 2-over-1 (2/1) as forcing only one round. Now, 1 NT is forcing and 2/1 is forcing to game.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Double Their Artificial Bids - Use Your Enemy! Part 2

You must be in the right position for this to work:

3. You
♠ 5 4                LHO           Partner          RHO           You
 8 7 5             2♣               Pass              2                Pass
 J 9 6                              
♣ A Q J 9 4
You want a club lead, but are in the wrong position to ask for it. If you double, you’d be indicating a diamond suit. And if you bid 3♣, you’re asking for trouble!