Tuesday, June 24, 2014

2/1 Game Force: Opener's Second Bid – Part 4

Opener rebids his 6+ card suit:

 A K 10 9 8 7              South            North
 8 5                             1♠                 2
 A Q 7                         2
 5 2  

South’s 2 bid after the 2/1 response shows a 6+ card suit.

However, if opener jumps in his original suit, it shows a solid 6+ card suit.

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2/1 Game Force: Opener's Second Bid – Part 3

Opener’s Second Bid After a 2/1 

You have opened the bidding and your beautiful partner bid a new suit on the two-level. This 2/1 response is forcing to game. Opener describes the shape of his hand. Extra strength can be shown later. Your options are as follows:

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

2/1 Game Force: The Exceptions – Part 2

The Exceptions

If responder is a passed hand, the game force is off:

♠ A J 4                     South            West            North            East
 9 8                        Pass               Pass            1                  Pass
 K Q J 7 6              2
♣ 9 8 7

South’s 2 bid is not a game-forcing bid. It shows 11-12 points. 

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

2/1 Game Force: Responding 2 in a New Suit – Part 1

This is the crown jewel of the system. 2/1 (read Two-over-One) refers to responder’s first bid of a new suit on the two-level. 

In Standard American it shows 11+ points (or a good 10). Now, most of the bridge world plays it as a game-forcing bid, at least 13+ points (or a good 12).

The advantage is simple: by telling the opener immediately that the hand is good enough for game, the partnership has plenty of room to explore the best contract without jumping needlessly.

Note: Game level is defined as 3 NT or 4 of a suit. If your trump suit is a minor, you are not forced all the way to 5♣ or 5. Even if you've made a 2-over-1 response, your auction can end at 4♣ or 4 if that's your agreed suit.