Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Double Their Artificial Bids - Use Your Enemy! Part 1

Here is one area of bidding that the average bridge player totally ignores. What a waste!
Here is your new toy in a nutshell:

When an opponent makes an artificial bid, double that bid to show you have length and strength in that suit.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Third Hand Play - Part Two

2. When third hand has touching honors, he plays his cheapest honor.

Yes, third hand plays high, but not always the highest card. With a suit headed by the A K, follow with the King; With K Q, follow with the Queen, with Q J, follow with the Jack, with J 10, the 10.

So when third hand plays an honor, he says, “I do not have the honor immediately below.”

                                                7 5
                        You                                     Partner  
                   J 8 6 4 2               ❏            10 played
                                          A played

The bid is 3 NT. You led the 4. Dummy plays the 5, partner the 10 and declarer wins the A.
What do you know? Everything!

Partner has no honor - he would have played high. He can’t even have the  9 - with  10 9 he would have followed with the  9. Declarer has  A K Q 9.  Stay away from this suit!

Monday, September 2, 2013

Third Hand Play - Part One

 When are you “Third Hand”?

The third hand refers to the defense - specifically to the partner of the leader. Unlike the second hand, third hand is the last stop for your side - your partner has already played. The third hand has some special guidelines to follow:

1. If there is no honor in the dummy, third hand plays a high card. Not medium high... High.

                                                   6 5 2
                           Partner                                    You
                          7 lead                  ❏              A J 4

Partner led the 7. Dummy plays the 2. You must play your A; the J won’t do. Declarer could have the Q and partner the K - playing the J would give declarer a free trick.