Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Reverse Bidding - Part 1

A "reverse" is part of standard bidding. All bridge players use it, whether they realize it or not. Understanding reversals is good for your bridge, your health and your safety.

So What is a Reverse?

Opener: Provided your partner has responded at the 1-level, the requirement to bid a new suit at the 2-level that ranks higher than your first suit, is 17+ points.

Reversing implies greater length in your first suit (usually 5-4, but maybe 6-4 or 6-5.) Reverses are forcing for one round.

All of North’s second bids are reverses:

North      South                      North      South                      North      South
1          1                          1            1NT                        1           1
2                                         2                                           2

Here, North’s rebids are NOT reverse bids:

North      South                      North      South                      North      South
1          1                           1           2                          1           1
1                                          2                                          2
North’s 2nd suit                     South's 2bid                      Clubs rank lower    
is on the 1-level.                    shows 11+ points.                than hearts.